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CloudySheet can get your Excel application up and running quickly. Unlike most enterprise solutions which can take months to implement, our typical turn-around time is usually 2-4 weeks. Enterprise solutions can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement, not to mention expensive annual licensing and maintenance costs. At CloudySheet we do not charge for implementation. We only charge an annual fee to host and support your application after it has been developed.

We have a proven solution which makes our custom applications easy to use but yet can still handle complex calculations. The business logic that supplies your model and data are stored in a database in the Cloud. You interact with your model using Microsoft Excel installed locally on your computer. Excel alone is a powerful spreadsheet many people use on a daily basis. Pair Excel with a database and you have an even more powerful application.

Benefits of a Cloud base solution
  • Low overhead costs
  • Access from anywhere
  • Data consistency
  • Aggregation and reporting
  • Scalability
  • Simple integration
  • Easily share with others
  • Remote development
Faster Development
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What we've done

Some examples

Below are a couple simple examples of what we can do and how our solutions work. Note that we are not limited to just these examples. We can create custom solutions for any business or industry. Please contact us for a free quote and proof of concept specific to your needs.

Cash Flow Forecast

This example forecasts expenses and revenue out into the future and consolidates them into a cash flow by month. The model uses a 10 period s-curve to allocate budgeted items over time. It also takes actuals into consideration and revises the forecast in future months. The solution can scale up to many projects and the data can be saved off into different versions. Download the Excel file and try it for yourself.

Budget Adjustments

This example shows how Finance can easily gather monthly budget adjustments from project managers. An Excel template is sent out to the managers. They select the project and cost code, and then enter budget adjustments and comments. The data is aggregrated for Finance to review. Data is also saved off on a monthly basis for historical purposes.

Change Tracking

This example demonstrates how changes can be tracked on a weekly basis. Data is saved off every week. A report compares the previous week's data to the current week's data and highlights the changes.

Who we are

A little about our company

We are a small startup company founded in 2020. We have a total of 30 combined years of experience providing Excel solutions. Our mission is to deliver the most cost effective solutions while exceeding customer expectations. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are beyond satisfied with our custom solutions. If you're not happy we're not happy.

What our clients say

"I never knew Excel could do such things. Simple yet powerful. Our solution was delivered in three weeks at a fraction of the cost of other solutions."

- Nathan Moore, Financial Analyst

"I was amazed with how fast our solution was delivered. Excellent product and customer service. Great for small companies who can't afford large expensive enterprise solutions."

- Dylan Wilson, Project Manager

"Our solution was delivered in two weeks. It's easy to use because most of us are comfortable with Excel. The application is lightning fast and does everything we want."

- Evelyn Yang, Accountant

"I'm simply blown away by what our solution can do. It's like Excel on steroids. It has saved us so much time and money."

- Maria Lopez, Construction Manager
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Please use the form below if you have any questions or if you would like to request a free proof of concept. At any point in time there is absolutely no obligation to proceed if you are not completely satisfied with our solution.